Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Communication...I <3 it!

I like to keep in touch with people and I really like people to keep in touch with me. So here is my info, please write to me! I will write back, and it'll be really cool getting international mail :)

Denise Loera
Yumbos No. 402 entre
H. Salas y F. Davalos
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
Sur America

I also have a
Cell #: 593-473-5087
Casa #: 593-243-1767
Skype: denise.a.loera
Aim: DAquariusLady05

Keep in touch! And let me know how things are in your lives!

<3 Denise


Ana Bonilla said...

Ok, you know I will definitely be sending you a letter/post card! haha, hopefully it arrives while you're still there.

Miguel Lescano said...

Hi, I just noticed your phone numbers aren't complete. Quito's phone code is 2, so your full home phone should be:


And your cell phone is also lacking a number after the 593, which should be either 8 or 9.

But I guess you already noticed that.