Monday, March 10, 2008

Pilsener Stalkers...

Jessica's 21st birthday was yesterday and on Friday after class Anina and I went to south Quito to look for a present for her. Specifically, we were looking for a Pilsener t-shirt, which Jess has been wanting for a while. After walking around the artisinal market for a while, and not finding anything, we asked around to see if anyone knew where we could find it. We were eventually told to try El Espiral. At El Espiral we found a t-shirt store that we knew was $ when the guy told us he did actually have a Pilsener t-shirt. Anina and I waited anxiously only to find out that it was a knock off PilsHener shirt. Disappointed we walked up the spiral, the mall literally goes around in spirals, and found a place where they made t-shirts. We were able to find a Pilsener logo online and had them make a sweet shirt for Jess. Somehow though, we weren't satisfied and decided that we wanted a Pilsener poster to go along with her shirt. (Note: Jess is kinda obsessed with Pilsener, la cerveza orgullosamente Ecuatoriana. Actually she's obsessed with all beer, but she's not an alcoholic, haha.)

The guy at the t-shirt shop told us that there was a Pilsener distribution place near by where they might be able to give us posters. Anina and I walked out of in search of the general direction that the guy had been pointing at only to be confused seeing as we had just walked down about 4 flights of spirals. We asked some waiters at Coffee Tree and after thinking we were weird for wanting to go to the distribution center, we were led down Amazonas, a major street in Quito, toward la Plaza Foch, en donde farreamos (where we party) all the time. After not finding anything, we went into a little boutique where a lady told us that the Pilsener truck was near by so we should ask those guys. Anina quickly found the truck, but when we got there, the Pilsner guys were not there. We asked a random guy just standing around and he told us that they were eating lunch at a place near by.

Anina and I decided that we were going to wait for them, at the restaurant across the street from where they were eating (creepy, I know). After getting some food, we realized that the guys were done eating. I pretty much ran after them, getting weird glances back at me from the guys as I approached them, ever so awkwardly. I told them that I was looking for Pilsener posters and asked them if they knew where I could get some. One of the guys was like "yeah, here," and handed me a bent poster. I must have looked disappointed because he asked me if it was fine then asked me if I wanted more. I said yes, of course, and he handed me about 6 others (that weren't bent), and told me that if anyone asked where I got them, it wasn't him. I laughed, thanked him, and walked back towards Anina who was waiting for me at the G-Spot Restaurant, needless to say, cracking up at me.

It was probably the best present hunting (and only stalking) I've ever done and I'm glad that Jess loved her present!

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