Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mi Familia Ecuatoriana

Mi family is very nice, loving, and quite affectionate. Florencia (Flor), my mom, is super sweet and always hugging me when she can. She works for Tupperware and has 15 women that work for her, which basically means she only goes to the main office like twice a week and pretty much spends the rest of the time at home (where she cooks a lot, luckily for me). Her husband, Alfonso (aka mi papa Alfie), is a journalist and film critic that works from home. I also live with my bro, Jose, who is 27 and works for a tourist company as a tourist engineer (which I’m still not quite sure what that means). I also have another bro, Diego, who lives a few blocks down, but is always at my house for some reason, and a sister, Maria Paulina who also lives a few blocks down. She is a communications professor at the Catholic University. She has a son named Bruno, who is way too tall and smart for his age…he recently told me that he really liked National Treasure, but the production/direction could have been better, and goes on to explain certain things --what 7 yr old child says this?

Mi casa is pretty nice. I have my own room and bathroom downstairs, right next to the kitchen and the patio, where Frida, our dog, stays.

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