Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SuperMaxi y la Comida

Most of the food we get at SuperMaxi. Although it may sound like a rather large feminine product, it’s actually the largest supermarket chain in Ecuador. They sell pretty much everything and have a rather inefficient way of checking out. When you get in line with your shopping cart, you have to put all the food in the checkout counter and leave the cart there. You pay, and they put the food in another cart. This creates the biggest mess of carts ever and people are always pushing them around to try to get through. I’m not quite sure why they don’t just make enough room between the lines to allow the one cart that people can keep just the ONE shopping cart.

The food is pretty good. I’m especially enjoying the large selection of fruit that I’ve never tasted before. We have 3 meals a day…

- El desayuno – I have a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice, some fruit and bread with cheese or jelly. Mi mama gives me the same thing everyday, with varying fruits, but I like it.
- El almuerzo – Usually consists of soup, rice and bread with some kind of chicken.
- La merienda – For mi mama y Alfie, it’s a cup of coffee and bread, for me its an actual meal.

My fav foods so far are the empanadas de morocha (shredded beef) and la sopa de locro (potato soup with cheese and avocados), so tasty! I also love the fruits, guanabanas especially.

- Peanut butter is “disgusting” here, Ecuadorians don’t like it. When I told my bro about peanut butter ice cream, he was grossed out. They don’t know what they are missing out on!
- The milk, and some yogurt, comes in a bag (at least what mi familia has bought)…kinda gross, so I have yet to drink some en mi casa
- Eggs are NOT refrigerated here, but apparently the US is like the only country to do that, weird.


Ana B said...

Milk that comes in a bag?! Awww, reminds me of Nica! That's how mi abuelita buys it. Haha, does the water come in a bag too? You know, just curious...

Daisy L. said...

In South Africa, EVERYTHING came in a bag, refill style. I think perhaps it is more environmentally friendly? Milk, dishwashing soap, if it's a liquid, they sell it in a bag!

And yeah, I think you're right, only the US refrigerates eggs but you don't really need to. They didn't refrigerate eggs in South Africa either!

Miguel Lescano said...

Hi, I've just found your blog while looking for insights on what foreigners think about Ecuador.

I'm from Guayaquil, and I think I can make some strange Ecuadorian customs a bit clearer to you. Although since you've been half a year here I guess you already know most of this:

The U.S., Chile and other countries have a problem with people stealing shopping carts from supermarkets. In Chile, they try to stop this by putting small, closely-spaced posts at the entrance of supermarkets. Ecuadorian supermarkets don't have this problem at all thanks to their odd check-out system.

Quito is considered "cold", so people don't refrigerate eggs, but in Guayaquil everyone I know does put them in the fridge.